Here are some common misconceptions about staffing agencies

You may have heard some negatives things about staffing agencies from different people. In fact, There are many common misconceptions out there regarding staffing agencies. If you’re hesitant to apply to a staffing agency because of these misconceptions, we would like to help separate myth from fact.

Myth: It costs money to utilize staffing agency services.

Fact : It’s 100% free to all job seekers.

Reputable staffing agencies will not charge you a fee to use their services. We do not charge you a fee to register, nor do we take a cut from your paycheque.

We are compensated by a client once a position is filled, this does not affect what you would have been paid had you been hired directly by the client company.

Myth : Staffing agencies don’t provide permanent positions.

Fact : Staffing agencies offer permanent and temporary opportunities.

We offer temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent position to job seekers. No matter what you’re looking for, we will find the perfect job offer that fit your ambitions and requirements.

Myth : Staffing agencies don’t pay well

Fact : Staffing agencies offer high hourly wages and annual salaries

One common misconception is saying that a lot about agencies don’t pay well. This is untrue. Staffing agencies offer many great temporary and permanent employment opportunities, with good hourly wages that start from $14 per hour and up.

We will work with your requirements to find that perfect financial sweet spot for you, depending on your skills and experiences.

Myth : Staffing agencies only offer jobs at small companies

Fact : Staffing agencies offer jobs at all size companies

Another myth that we’d like to dispel is that belief that staffing agencies only offer positions at small companies. Actually, we work with big brand companies that are well known and reputable around the world. We also partner with companies on a smaller and local scale.

Myth : Staffing agencies make the choices for you

Fact : The final decision is yours

Lastly, another huge misconception is that job seekers forfeit their say in what positions they may be hired for, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We will help you come closer to your dream job and suggest you exciting opportunities that fit your ambitions, but the final choices are ultimately up to you.

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